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  • Writer - sylvia moreno
  • Info: breaking news all around the world in french

Duration - 1Hours 30 Minutes

Jarrod Anderson
Toni O'Rourke
Directed by - Jarrod Anderson
I want this so much with portuguese subtitles please 🙏🏼. Love Patrick. ( This is gonna be long) You know, I didn't grow up going to watch sports. When I was a kid, we didn't watch football games live, nor basketball, nor baseball. It wasn't something my parents were into. Sports were just what you watched on TV. Even as I stayed in the DC area in the 1990s, and I knew there was a tennis tournament, one that I'd seen as a teenager during the early cable era of the 1980s when USA network was as likely to cover a tournament as one of the major stations. There was that strange experiment in the mid-70s where US tournaments suddenly became clay. It was an American kind of clay called Har-Tru, so-called green clay, but maybe more of a green-gray. It was faster than the red European variety. It was interesting because there weren't that many Americans that were good on clay. The US Open switched to clay in 1975, but then move venues from venerable Forest Hills, where it had a faint veneer of the elitism of the country club, to the so-called urban jungle of Flushing Meadows. They called it the house that Slew built, named after Slew Hester, the USTA president who pushed for the new site where the US Open now stands. It was the first Slam to be played on hard courts, and certainly not the last. Despite this change, the US summer circuit was still played on clay. It used to consist of four tournaments: Boston, DC, then one held in New Hampshire and changed venues to Vermont and New Haven, and finally the US Clay Court Championships held in Indianapolis. These tournaments remained on clay until about 1985 when someone must have figured tennis in the US is better played on hard courts, and the tournaments switched to that surface. In the meanwhile, while it was still on clay, the earliest signs of the Bollettieri phenoms were just rearing their heads. They included diminutive Jimmy Arias and shy Aaron Krickstein. They competed against the like of Jose Luis Clerc and Andres Gomes. The North American clay court circuit was more likely to attract Americans of a different sort, those from South America, rather than the American stars of the day, like Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, or Vitas Gerulaitis. Even veteran clay courters like Borg didn't really play this part of the circuit, and pretty soon, he didn't play at all, courtesy of an early retirement. So I watched the tournament that Donald Dell built. Dell was an American tennis player who eventually quit and got a law degree, and started his own agency to represent the stars, and since he knew tennis, they were primarily tennis stars. These were the days before every American sports athlete found themselves an agent. Dell was a pioneer in the Wild West of pro athletics. Ashe once told him that if he would build a tournament in DC, and have it so anyone could watch, not just those who had the money to be in the country clubs, he would sign up to play. The DC event started in 1969 and has gone under several names in its existence. It was known as the Washington Star International, then the Sovran Bank Classic (a name I first heard), then briefly as the Newsweek Tennis Classic, then the Legg Mason, and finally its current incarnation, the Citi Open. The Citi Open was briefly its own tournament held at the same junior training site that Frances Tiafoe (and Denis Kudla) trained at, which was located in College Park, where the flagship University of Maryland is located. For that one year, it was a WTA event while the Legg Mason was held in DC. Eventually, the Citi Open replaced the Legg Mason, and it became an ATP/WTA event. So I knew that there was a tournament, but it never occurred to me to go watch it. I didn't know the mechanics of how to purchase a ticket, how to arrive to the tournament, what I'd do there. I think I'd been living in the DC area nearly ten years before I went, and I don't even fully recall when or where. My first memory of attending the Citi Open (back then, the Legg Mason) was in 2006. That summer, there was word that Andre Agassi was hurt, and that maybe this would be his last stop in DC. It seemed he was conserving his energy to make one last run at the US Open, maybe his version of the Connors last hurrah of 1991. Back then, Agassi was still with Brad Gilbert, and Gilbert had taken another Andy under his wing (after he and Roddick split), namely, Andy Murray. Murray's rank was still rather in the double digits. I knew of him, but not his game that well. I had mostly stopped watching pro tennis by 2006, so I was even only vaguely aware of Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, neither of whom were inclined to visit DC. Andre came because he liked DC and if memory serves, Dell represented him. A lot of Americans came to DC. Chang came as well. Ivan Lendl played (and won) DC (he became a US citizen). By 2006, the sports biggest names weren't really coming to DC. Even Murray, who made the final that year, didn't come back for another decade. As of 2018, he'd only played DC three times, the last one leaving him in tears after a lengthy match in front of a sparse crowd against one Marius Copil. I'd been to the US Open even less. One back in 1991 when I'd just moved to the DC area, and once again in 2013. The biggest change since the first time was Arthur Ashe stadium a huge behemoth of a building. It was roofless back then, but it was enormous. The Citi Open is, by all accounts, a fairly small tournament. Yes, it's an ATP 500, but it feels like a 250 event. It has one main center court, with two tiers. You get reasonably good view of the court no matter where you are when you're there. It also has maybe 4-5 makeshift courts that can seat maybe 300 people each? It's grown some since the event became mixed, men and women. Matches tend to start late, around 4 PM, to address the concerns of players who don't like DC's famed heat and humidity. Action continues til about 11 PM, but rain has been known to extend how late play goes. To arrive at the tournament, the tournament recommends taking a Metro (subway) stop at Friendship Heights, or parking in some lots near there. Then, a shuttle take about ten minutes to take you from their to the tournament site. For a few dollars more, you can drive to the site, and park your car on the grass. If it gets too rainy, the grass surface gets muddy, and they may say that you can't park on site. You pay for the privilege of parking on site. On site, there are some restaurants. Food and drink are pricey. Think movie theater prices. This year, the Citi Open sold cans of beer for 10 dollars each, and a 20 ounce water bottle for 5 dollars. Food is typically between 10 and 20 dollars. They don't like you to bring your own food and water, and bags are checked at the entrance. Security, you know. Visiting Cincy I had been going to the Citi Open, usually watching the first Sunday of qualifying over many years. Not every year, but many. You may think it's not interesting to watch qualifying, but some pros in the main draw come early, and it seems that pros are required (and perhaps want to) to have public practice sessions where they practice anywhere from half an hour to an hour a day. If you're brave and agile, you might be able to get close to a star, and get a selfie. The concept was unknown when I was there in 2006. I took a picture of Agassi and Murray using a point and shoot camera, still my weapon of choice. This skill, I'd later learn, one needs to hone, if one can manage to get over the embarrassment (or rudeness, depending on who you ask) of asking for said selfie. I had always wanted to go to one of the Masters 1000 held in the US. There are 9 overall, and three are held in the US. Indian Wells, Miami, and Cincinnati. Indian Wells and Miami end the first of two hard court seasons in the US. The first is relatively brief, and many of those tournaments no longer exist, e. g. San Jose and Memphis. Indian Wells seemed far away and expensive. Miami felt similar. If there was one tournament I wanted to go, it was Cincinnati. It was also the one Roger Federer was most likely to show up (he also likes Indian Wells). There is, of course, another North American Masters 1000 which is held in Canada. A few months ago I went to an Essential Tennis clinic held in Milwaukee. I hadn't been back to Wisconsin since the last time they held a clinic there, in 2012. Back then, I met a guy that was local to Wisconsin. We briefly talked. I had mentioned I planned to visit Madison (I like visiting college campuses, and it was not so far away), and he lived in Madison. We stayed in touch mostly through the Essential Tennis facebook group where we'd see our occasional posts. We again met in the recent Essential Tennis clinic. He mentioned that he had two week long tickets to Cincy, and that he had been going the past few years, and his usual friend that went with him wasn't interested that year. I was reluctant to buy tickets for the whole week mostly because of the hotel costs. I wasn't into AirBnB (still not into it), and the hotels jack their prices for the event so that it's about $100 a night unless you want to stay at a Motel 8. And this isn't even the fancier hotels. He said he'd be willing to sell the tickets one event at a time (I didn't have to buy the week's worth), so the economics meant it was cheaper to buy the first 3 days. The last 3 days (as priced as individual tickets) would have cost as much as buying the whole week. In any case, there's a lot more tennis happening in the early parts, and you never know when someone might get upset early. I flew into Cincy on Sunday afternoon. Qualies had already started, but I was a bit tired, and didn't plan on watching the tournament until Monday. Now, Cincy is known for a few restaurants. Its most famous restaurant is Skyline Chili. It's a chain that sells a certain style of chili known as Cincinnati chili. Chili, for those that don't know it, is a tomato based soup usually made with ground beef, and sometimes beans. It's frequently fiery hot heated by chili peppers, say, jalapenos or maybe habaneros, or perhaps Chef John's famous shake-uh, shake-uh, cayenne pepper. Chili has been known to have religious wars surrounding what makes an authentic chili and beans are at the center of that war. Should a chili have beans or shouldn't it? And don't even talk about white chicken chili which, to some, doesn't qualify as chili, and is considered more of a white bean stew. Cincinnati chili is it own thing. Apparently (before my time), Cincinnati struggled, as much of the US did, during the great depression. Finding creative ways to eat was key to survival in those days, and no city celebrates the cuisine that came out of this era as Cincinnati. The basic Cincy chili is not a soup or stew. It's called the three-way. It is spaghetti, covered by a thin layer of chili, followed by a mountain of shredded cheese. The shredded cheese has the consistency of cotton candy with wisps of thinly sliced cheese with an airy consistency. Cheese must have been cheap back then. The most famous of the Cincy chili restaurant is Skyline Chili. I suppose the next most famous is Gold Star Chili. It is a chain restaurant, and if you grew up in Cincy, you'd think this restaurant was everywhere, but it's mostly just in Cincy. And it's sadly disappointing. As begets its frugal start, there is a ton of cheese on this dish, and not a huge amount of meat or spaghetti. The chili itself lacks the fire you expect in a chili. It is bland with its most dominant flavor being cinnamon. But the locals seem to like it, and tourists seem obligated to humor the locals by sampling it. Cincy is also known for the chain ice cream shop, Graeter's. For ice cream, it's a step up. At least, it's sweet and cold, and not too expensive. I visited both places on Sunday, but it turns out the tournament has its own. My friend asked if I wanted to see the "stars" at the player hotel. The players stay at a Marriott which has a breakfast buffer. My own hotel, not quite a Marriott, but reasonably suitable, and its own breakfast buffet. Having been in enough hotels, the complimentary breakfast is that American experience that most Americans that travel understand. The breakfast typically consists of heated pans of scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes (they) are small cubes of potatoes that are usually browned in the oven, sometimes premade pancakes, or biscuits and gravy, and some fruit, yogurt, coffee, a variety of juices. Those familiar with the experience also know about the do-it-yourself waffle maker where you fill tiny cups lined with wax (or something) with waffle batter into a waffle iron. Fill it up, close it, turn in 180 degrees, wait for it to beep, figure out, using the tools provided, how to extract said waffle from said waffle iron. So, it turns out, despite the fact that top tennis pros go to the Marriott (not my hotel), the experience is roughly the same, except much nicer. The eggs look more appetizing, there's sausage and bacon, several varieties of yogurt, and yes, if you want the waffle, they will make it for you without the self-serve parts, and at no extra charge. Is it pricey for $17? Sure, but you're paying not just for the food, but to see the stars. OK, those stars don't include Federer, Nadal, or Djokovic, but they do include the next tier. You just have to know either the ATP or WTA tour very well otherwise they just look like pros. I arrived around 8:30 AM at the Marriott. I met up with my friend, and we sat at a table, and got the buffet. It seems, at one point, he (and possibly a friend) had bumped into Philipp Kohlschreiber who happened to like that most American of breakfast delights, frosted flakes. As we were being seated, we saw Patrick Moroutoglou, Serena's coach, sitting by himself. One thing you rarely notice on TV (for good reason) is the man has quads. We also saw Andrey Rublev, the tall Russian player, and his coach, a guy with a beard and blond tints over brown hair, as if he had just lost an Andre Agassi look-alike contest. He seemed vaguely French, but he was actually a Spaniard. A few minutes later, we saw someone that I had seen a few times on TV. That is, Denis Shapavalov's mother, who kinda looks like an aged East European tennis star, sort of that Martina, Jana Novotna, Hana Mandlikova look. I believe she was there with the coach, Martin Laurendeau, but she's probably as much coach as he is, and she travels with him. Shapovalov showed up a few minutes later, and dropped his large Yonex bag. He didn't say much, but my friend and I were talking about one-handed backhands, comparing his to, say, Tsitsipas. My friend swore Shapo was eavesdropping, and I admitted, I might have talked a little louder hoping he'd do the same. I was hoping he'd leave his empty plate for me to photograph, but he was clever, and covered whatever he ate with the cloth napkin. I also briefly saw Ivo Karlovic leaving the hotel site, and also the chair umpire, Damien Dumusois, who umpired the final between Federer and Djokovic. He was entertaining two other people. My friend happens to be a big WTA fan, so he knows players I don't know. We sat near Maria Sakkari (of Greece) and her coach. It seems the mainstay of WTA tennis that most women are coached my venerable men. Then, we drove over to the site of the tournament. Compared to the Citi Open, the Western & Southern is huge. Everything the Citi Open does, Cincy does even bigger. You turn on a street called Paul Flory Way and it takes you past a building called Cintas, then you see the site and cars parking. Now, unlike the Citi Open, Cincy has free parking. It also has paid parking if you want to park close (a la Djokovic). As you drive along this road, it seems cars are turning left, and it seems you'll be one of those blessed to turn left, but the public parking is in the boonies. If there are cars going straight, you keep going straight. You'll be fooled maybe 3 or 4 times into thinking you can go left, but it's not for you. Eventually, you'll be lead by volunteers to turn. The parking area consists of narrow strips of grass alternating with gravel. Each strip of grass is large enough to allow two cars to park, one behind the other, and wide enough to have maybe 30-40 cars? So maybe 60-80 cars per strip? It seems like their are no labels, but if you wisely (unlike me) walk to the main road from the strip of grass, there are wooden stakes with tiny numbers starting at 86 and going to 99 and higher. It's useful to take note of these numbers if you want to return to your car in a timely manner, as I did not the first day I went. I spent 15 minute wandering around, and finally used the alarm feature in my remote to locate the car. At that point, I was some 5 cars away from where the car was located. So, locate these markers, so you can find your car. Don't be Novak Djokovic (or me). What should you bring to the tournament? If you read the restrictions, you're not allowed to bring a backpack. You can bring a cinch-sack. The primary difference between that and a backpack appears to be the use of something between twine and rope that serves as replacements for straps. These things can be quite tiny. I had a larger model made by Under Armour, with a separate pocket. That was useful to carry tickets, sunscreen, etc. What should you carry inside the bag? I suggest a few things. First, sunscreen. You'll be outdoors for hours, and unless your melanin is off the charts, sunscreen lotion is useful. You're also allowed to bring a liter of water in an unmarked plastic bottle. Or you can buy Evian or Dasani, since they have some affiliation with the tournament. This is nice because I think DC doesn't quite do the same. I'd probably bring a cap to block the sun. I'd think of a large bath towel, in case it rains. You don't think of it, but when it rains, they only dry the courts. The metal benches you sit on? Not so much. A towel can be useful to dry the benches so you can sit on it. Also, even if it doesn't rain, the towel can be used to sit on, as the benches are not conducive to pain free watching. Yes, it won't bother you the first ten or so hours sitting, but once you're in day 2 and hitting 20 hours, the towel might help alleviate pain to the derriere. You might want to bring a smaller towel. If the sun is beating down on you, you might want to cover your knees or arms with a white towel to block the sun. The other thing that's useful is to locate the place they sell water and ice. Apparently, they gave it away for free last year, but this year, it was $1 for a plastic cup and ice. By the men and women's bathroom, there's both a water fountain and water dispensers, that dispense water powerful enough to propel small rockets. With the ice and cup, you can have cold water that's cheaper than the $4 for the small or $5. 50 for the liter. Let's get to prices. You'd think Cincy would be costlier than DC for food and stuff, but DC seems more expensive, and they don't have options for drinking water cheaply. So, 20 oz of water in DC is $5 but for fifty more cents, you can get cold bottled water for $5. 50. Beer is $8 (unless you get the fancier local brews), but $10 in DC (prices went up this year). You can get tequila as well, but that will be close to $20. I believe Powerade was $6. Hot dogs and brats were also $6. There are about 10 restaurants in a semi-circular area. The DC restaurants are in booths where the line of people stand in the sun. In Cincy, the sellers are recessed inside a tent so the first dozen or so people come underneath a tent and are shaded from the sun. They sell coffee, pizza, Greek food, Italian food, sushi, gluten-free foods, bbq chicken/pork, etc. The prices are, again, somewhat like movie theaters. The first day, I ate lunch at an Italian place, getting the equivalent of an Italian burrito. The second day, I ate at a Greek place. I discovered Greek fries taste like normal fries. I also had the gyros. The third day, I ate at a seafood place getting a seafood salad. That was the most expensive at nearly $20. I think typical prices are about $12, but you could get pizza at $4 a slice, and there was a Skyline Chili for $9 (more expensive than the actual restaurant, unless they served the large size) and Graeter's ice cream. It's useful to visit Cincy at least two days unless you have a really good sense of direction, which I don't. After you make the trek from the parking lot to the entrance (you enter from the North Entrance, but the East entrance is a secondary way to enter if it gets too crowded). You have your bag (either a cinch-sack or a tote bag) inspected. Sometimes it's scrutinized, sometimes not so much. They also want you to empty pockets so they can see what metal items you have. Then, you get your ticket scanned. Tickets are divided into day and night session, and you pay for both. These ticket are basically like getting tickets for Ashe stadium. You have a reserved seat in Center Court, but you can go anywhere else with that ticket (with some exceptions of which parts of the court you can sit). Basically, if there's a metal bench, your ticket should let you sit there. If it was seats or is covered by shade (which also have individual seats), then you need a different (more expensive) class of tickets. The night tickets only let you in after 5 PM, so again, it resembles the US Open's night session. You can still watch anything off Center Court after 5 PM with daytime tickets. They don't even bother to check the daytime tickets in any court outside the Center Court, and often, not the Center Court either. When you get in, it's useful to gather your bearings. As you head in, you'll see the Center Court in front. There are some booths and a court on the left (I think that's Court 10). The biggest court is Center Court, and it's huge. It's attached to a secondary court behind it (that is, walk to Center Court, then it curves either left or left and follow the exterior of center court to Grandstand). Center Court is useful to know because the rest rooms are on the ground of Center Court (from the outside of the court). There are also places to get food (hot dogs, burgers), as well as the cups and ice, and a new "market" to pick up premade sandwiches, drinks, frozen lemonade, etc. You should also pass the row of restaurants on your left, and see the Midwest tent and other booths on the right. The Midwest tent is huge. They sell clothing, racquets, t-shirts, towels, pads to sit on, etc. It's also air conditioned, but they won't let you bring open bottled water or cups with drinks inside. Prior to reaching Center Court, you may want to head left to East entrance. You should see Court 10. I think the four biggest courts are Center Court, Grandstand, Court 10, and Court 3. After that, they get quite a bit smaller. Even Grandstand is a fair bit smaller than Center. The one plus is some top players play on Grandstand (Djokovic, for example), and you can sit very close, as long as you get into the court soon enough, which may mean getting their for the end of the previous match. By Court 10, there should be a number of other courts. Some are smaller courts for the less famous. Some are practice courts. If you download the Western and Southern app, you can find practice times. Just be aware that Federer's practices are super crowded. Everyone wants to peek at him. Sometimes they put him on a bigger court, but sometimes they put him on the smaller practice courts. Day 1 On the first day, I spent time with my friend, the one that's a huge WTA fan. I didn't go to Center Court on Day 1 at all, so I missed some big names. My friend likes Larsson, and Rebecca Peterson (since she's friends with Larsson) and Svitolina and Bertens and a few others. First match I watched was Nishikori-Rublev. Rublev had just had breakfast some 2 hours earlier, so he didn't head to the stadium that early. We were able to see his coach. I think we watched a set. Nishikori won the first, and eventually took it in straight sets. Then, we caught practice sessions with Pliskova and Hurkacz (not with each other). He was supposed to practice with Kohlschriber, but we didn't see him. Also saw Querrey and Johnson practicing with each other. We saw Peterson and Larsson practicing with one another. There were probably less than a dozen players watching this practice. Also saw Shapovalov play Tiafoe. This looked to be a match Tiafoe would win. He was down a break in the third, but broke back, then broke to get ahead and serve for the match. But he got broken twice, and Shapo managed to win. So it looks like we were good luck for Shapo. I caught the tail end of Murray vs. Pouille. Murray still doesn't look 100%. He pushed the match to a third set. By then, Pouille was up a break, and both held serve until Pouille won. As it turns out, I watched set 1 of Shapo/Tiafoe, left to get something to eat, then watched the end of Murray/Pouille, and came back to watch set 3 of Shapo/Tiafoe. It's frequently the case that one watches part of a match, and leaves to watch another, or take a break. I caught the end of Ferrer/Paire. Paire wasn't unhappy today, but Ferrer was making mistake after mistake. He seemed to want points to end quickly, and they did, but after Ferrer errors. Paire won something like 2 and 2. I saw the Zverev brothers play a practice set with each other, and saw Djokovic practicing. I climbed on the metal bleachers to get high enough, and my camera has 25x zoom. We saw Rebecca Peterson play Siniakova. This turned out to be an entertaining match. Now, as I said, my friend's a big WTA fan, so at this point, Djokovic is playing Steve Johnson, but we're out watching this match. Somewhere in the second set, someone spots a raccoon. It's across from us, up in the stands. Now, you would think everyone would watch Djokovic, but given any tournament, there's always fans that prefer watching lesser known players, so maybe there's 100 of us, and maybe 20 on the other side, mostly near the front. Security folks are trying to chase this raccoon, but presumably, avoid getting bitten. This takes a long time. The players playing, Peterson and Siniakova, seem oblivious. Finally, they push the raccoon from one side the bleachers to the other side (I think we're on Court 10), and down the stairs. But surprise, surprise, raccoons are good climbers, and it climbs up a pole and to the top of the fence and starts walking down the railing (of sorts) at the top of the fence. Siniakova is the higher ranked player, and wins the first set, but Peterson is a powerful hitter, and eventually wins the next two sets. By then, the match between Djokovic and Johnson is nearing conclusion. We rush to Center Court, climb the stairs, and watch the end of the second set tiebreak. It's already past 10 pm. There's actually another match on, but I'd been there since 10 AM, and it was past 10 PM, so I'd been there 12 hours, and was rather tired. Live vs. TV Watching a match live is very different than watching it on TV. First, you never know what angle you'll get. Most tournaments have the seats for the common folk on the sideline, so you're watching tennis at an angle you don't see on TV. This gives you a better sense of pace. It also means it's hard to tell strategy. But one positive tradeoff is you get a sense of how high the players hit the ball. You also get a sense of when a ball is hit slowly, and therefore, the other player can hit a winner off it. Sometimes you watch a player hit a winner, and it looks like they are doing it because they can. Quite frequently, it's because the other player has hit a weak shot off the prior shot, and this lets the player pounce on the ball. Also, when you watch women's matches, you find that most serves are returned, so there is usually a rally. Those rallies may seem boring on TV, but when you see a Raonic match and he booms a few aces, those are just as boring live as on TV. Yes, you get a sense of the pace, but it doesn't make for good tennis viewing. If you really pay attention to the women's game, you'll start to see strategy. For example, Peterson was slugging it out with Siniakova. That's her game. But her coach eventually had her hitting mini-moonballs, and this started to disrupt Siniakova's game, and eventually lead to a loss. Also, sometimes a player starts out a little nervous in a set, and then plays much better in the next set. Again, that's what happened to Peterson. After the Djokovic match ended, there was a mad rush to get to the cars. However, I didn't exactly know where my car was. So, I walked around for a few rows, when I finally decided after about 15 minutes, to turn on my car alarm via the remote. The car, which was mere feet from me, flashed, and I finally got in. It took maybe 15 minutes or so to get off site because of all the cars trying to leave (and which got a head start). I made it back to the hotel, where I was still buzzing for almost an hour after the match ended. My friend, who has been attending for a while, had brought serious camera (a Canon DSLR), and was spending the night at an AirBnb processing the photos he had taken that day. He had one of those mongo lenses to get close up pics. Technically, you're not supposed to bring such big cameras, but they don't seem to care. Day 2 I had had breakfast at my hotel, but ended up going to a diner of sorts called Scramblers or something which was very near my hotel. While the quality of breakfast was better, it cost me nearly $20. I was told by a friend of my friend that I should have eaten at the Marriott for that price. I should have. I was tired the second day and wondered how I'd manage to stay awake, but turns out I got a second wind. I arrived at the site around 10 AM or possibly earlier. It's a good idea to arrive before the 11 AM start. You get to see practices which happen throughout the day, and you can get a sense of the layout. I forgot to mention one part of Center Court. I mentioned that if you head from North Entrance directly to Center Court, then head left along the outer perimeter, you eventually reach Grandstand (and some other practice courts). If you head right and go around, you eventually get to a section called the Fan Zone. These are fenced off areas (sort of those metal gates that they set up temporarily when they want, say, parade viewers, not to jump into the street) and fans stand beside them. When the pros come onsite, they walk past the fans, get there stuff checked through security, then head indoors. It's also a chance for fans to get selfies or at least take pictures. Yes, this is a thing. Did I mention? My friend is a master at getting selfies. One advantage of liking the WTA (I mean, he also likes Federer) and liking some of the more obscure players is that few people get selfies with them, and they're more amenable to selfies. For example, we watched the end of Bertens-Wozniacki. This was a night match on Wednesday on Grandstand. Wozniacki retired. So, my friend knows the layout, know where the player exits, and we head down there (this is Wednesday night), and as Bertens exits, he asks for a picture, and she says yes (apparently, she doesn't mind the attention). And, he gets another pic with her the next day! This is clearly a skill I lack partly because I find it embarrassing, but the pros don't seem to mind, and certainly fans like the idea of being with someone famous. He tried to help me get a pick with Hyeon Chung, but Chung wasn't into it. Not everyone is really fond of it (though many realize it comes with the territory). I was told Sloane Stephens really doesn't like to interact with the crowd. She's gone so far (so I hear) to pre-sign tennis balls and hand them out. On Tuesday, I finally step into Center Court. OK, I'd been there briefly at Djokovic-Johnson, but I come in, find where my seat is. Later on, I plan to watch Chung play Sock. There's some practice going on. One reason to get to the court early is to get into Center Court, walk down to the front row, and take pics of the practice. Normally, the lower bowl is for those that have money, so like the US Open, unless you sneak down there, you aren't watching match from down there. Sock takes the opening set because Chung is misfiring. I decide to leave after the first set even though I think Chung could come back since Sock has been playing horrible this year. Turns out Chung wins handily. What I don't know is Chung is hurt, and this eventually means he loses handily to del Potro. Goes to show what shape Sock is in. During this match, a cameraman is sitting at the end of the bench I'm on. Turns out they plan to give someone two free tickets to sit closer to the front. I head over to watch Raonic play Lajovic. This ends quickly with Raonic hitting huge serves then breaking. Raonic is a large man. He's not only tall, but broad. Until I see Chung practice, I didn't realize he's similarly huge. He's not as tall as Raonic, but he's broad. He's still around 6'2". So when I say huge, I don't mean just in height, but legs, body, everything. This is something you miss on live TV. Remember I said we sat by Sakkari and her coach for breakfast on Monday? We watch her play Naomi Osaka on Tuesday. Osaka has a huge serve. Most women, these days, hit 100 mph on their first serve. This means, yes, they can hit the back fence with their serve. I hit maybe 60 mph (or slower). This does not reach the back fence (which is closer in) unless I hit long. Osaka can crank it up to 120 mph. Even so, it's Sakkari, the Greek player, that wins the match. There's a discussion about how much (or little) Japanese that Osaka speaks. At least, Japan, often known as a xenophobic country, has readily embraced players that want to represent Japan. For example, Taro Daniel (also half Japanese) represents Japan as well. I catch some practices including a shirtless Kevin Anderson. I think, how does a white guy deal with that much sun? But he eventually puts on a shirt. Also see Bethanie Mattek-Sands playing doubles with Safarova. They put them on a small court, and it's crowded. Probably not the best decision. I see Medvedev playing Coric. Coric wins handily. Then, off to Center Court to watch Tsitsipas play Goffin. Tsitsipas had just played the final of Toronto, and he played in the semis of DC the week before. So we think he must be tired. Although some people expect him to beat Goffin, Goffin is the winner. Off to watch the women's match. This time, it's Kiki vs. Coco. Coco is being coached by Pat Cash, but Kiki is the better player. She pretty much dominates on serve despite not hitting faster than 110 mph. Coco loses 2 and 0. I sit to watch Federer play Gojoczwk in the first evening match. Despite the Polish name, Gojoczwk plays for Germany. He's got a pretty big serve. Not Raonic big, but faster than Fed. Still, this is a match that is a typical Fed match. If you'd ask Fed how he wants to win his matches, he'd say "Hold my serve without break points, and break once a set". So this match fits this to a T. This is one of those matches where it's just as dull to watch it live as it is on TV. There aren't a lot of great points in this, and Gojoczwk gets broken once per set even though I think he had a lead in both those games. This also shows how people stake claims on seats. I'm sitting at the seat I'm assigned to which is in the middle of the bench. 2-3 guys are on my far right end. Over the beginning of the match, they move closer and closer to me. If my friend shows up, he has a seat beside me. He's opting to watch Svitolina vs. Kuznetsova, because he's a big WTA fan. Then, two guys say they have seats near me, so they essentially kick out the folks who have commandeered their spots. The same thing happens in the row in front of me. Basically taking someone else's seat is usually not a problem because few sit in Center Court all day long, so seats remain empty. People then move to seats that aren't assigned to them to get a better spot. Except when Federer is playing, more people are there to sit in their seats. Anyway, sitting at your seat is not well regulated at all. Some even move from the general vicinity of their seats to way up in front which would cost them more money if they pay for it. Apparently, some even get upset that they're being kicked out of seats they "stole". How dare you kick me out of seats I didn't really have tickets for. It's these minor infractions that people are willing to get away with. One other thing. It turns out there's a big deal to change nets between men's and women's matches. Men's matches have nets with the ATP World Tour logo at the bottom. To do this, they use some rubber nets that allow for printing. The women's net are still the standard rope/twine nets. So physically, the nets are completely removed (poles too) and swapped out for the other nets. Basically, they are getting ready for Serena vs Kvitova. I head to the Svitolina vs. Kuznetsova match. My friend is there with his friend. They've met on a common like of Svitolina. They encourage me to do what's known as a slow clap which is to clap slowly. Now, apparently coaches and such will do this to encourage their pupil. Actually, I find this to be a pretty competitive match. But my friend and friend's friend are nowhere near what people go to support their woman. Twice in the third set, Kuznetsova is down break point, and twice, someone on the opposite side of the court says "Break, break, break! " and Kuznetsova can hear this. And, both times, Kuznetsova makes an error and is broken. Svitolina eventually gets the win. My friends have secured seating in the very front row along the net. I am able to get down to site beside them. Both decide to leave after this match, but I decide to watch Shapovalov play Kyle Edmund. At that vantage point, they are very close, and you can see how hard they hit. With Shapo's unusual backhand motion, I'm surprise how consistently he hits. He gets a late break in the first set and wins. In the second set, he gets up two breaks. Someone in the audience basically advises him how to win (hit winners or something). Instead, Shapo gets broken back twice. It's now 4-all. Someone yells out "It's break time" and this seems to fire Shapo up who starts being more aggressive, and holds his serve. Edmund then ties it up 5-all. Shapo holds again, and then he gets a series of break points which Edmund fends off for a while, but eventually gets the break and wins the match. It is almost midnight. The difference between the two is Shapo's backhand is better than Edmund's and Shapo is taking a few more risks, and fends off his break points just a bit better. In the first set, Edmund's able to use his serve to save break points, but Shapo gets more opportunities, esp. later when he reads the return better. Oh, also, when Shapo is down break points, Shapo's mom brings out the slow clap. While Shapo is frustrated getting broken back, he glares at his mother, who does the "stay focused" look. At the end, Shapo's mom high fives those near her (presumably with her). IN COMMENTS...

Download movie i am patrick free. Download movie i am patrick de. Download movie i am patrick video. Download movie i am patrick smith. Useful information for my history class. Thanks a lot. Im crying with you 💚❤ We miss him. A true Warrior. Download movie i am patrick = clam. Snakes could of been a metaphor.

I just discovered this movie St Joseph has always been my inspiration and patron saint I am so glad to see how they portrayed St. Joseph as a darker young humble loving man of God very close to how he probably would of looked like and acted. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful movie. I was expecting to see the dance. And its tomorrow. I AM PATRICK is a feature-length docudrama that peels back centuries of legend and myth to tell the true story of Saint Patrick. Through historical re-enactments, expert interviews, and Patrick's own writings, experience the journey from man to saint. In the 5th century, the Roman empire was collapsing, and barbarians threatened civilization. In Britain, a teenager named Patrick was living a comfortable life as the son of a government official. Despite being part of the Roman Catholic Church, his faith didn't mean anything to him until he was kidnapped by pirates at the age of 16 and enslaved at the edge of the known world - Ireland. For 6 years, Patrick was forced to work as a shepherd and was driven to the brink of starvation. It was there that he turned to his Christian faith and through divine intervention managed to escape. He was reunited with his family in Britain only to have a prophetic dream calling him to take Christianity back to the land of his captivity. Against the wishes of his family and the Church, Patrick returned as a missionary bishop to Ireland and converted thousands to Christianity. He opposed slavers, Irish kings, and possibly druids but nothing compared to the hostility he faced from his fellow Christians. After a close friend exposed a dark secret of Patrick's, it is believed he was ordered to leave his mission and return to Britain. Patrick had to choose - obey God or obey man?

You're only on this planet for so long, go for it now. Download movie i am patrick 2017. Download movie i am patrick songs. Download movie i am patrick o. All my information comes from VisitIndiana so the list is not 100% comprehensive. If you know of anything that's missing, please post and share with everyone! If you've ever been to any of these events, or if you go this week, please share your experiences Also be sure to visit the city-specific subreddits This Week Only Northwest Indiana Chesterton Chesterton Art Fair - August 3-4 at Dogwood Park. The Chesterton Art Fair features juried art with more than 100 artists from 15 states. The fair features a children's booth, music and a public art project. East Chicago FUSIC Fest - August 2-4 at Jeorse Park Beach. Mayor Anthony Copeland presents a FREE concert weekend at Jeorse Park Beach on Beautiful Lake Michigan on August 2, 3 & 4th. A Fusion of Food, Fun & Music! Friday, August 2nd will pay tribute to the 80’s with a House and Freestyle concert featuring - CeCe Peniston, Sweet Sensation, George Lamond, Coro, David (Diamond Girl), Hip Hop legend Rob Base and hosted DJ Tim Spinning Schommer. Saturday, August 3rd will be a 90’s Beach Party featuring R&B artists, Case & Dru Hill with Sisqó and toping it off with Hip Hop artist Juvenile! Sunday, August 4th is Latin Night featuring Ramón Ayala, is a Mexican musician, composer and songwriter of Norteño and Conjunto music. Known as the "King of the Accordion, " Ayala has recorded over 113 albums for which he has received four Grammy Awards. More artists to be announced. For directions visit Crown Point Lake County Fair - August 2-11 at the Lake County Fairgrounds. Family-oriented annual county fair with more than 30 rides, hundreds of concessions, horse shows, contests, live entertainment and motorsports as well as thousands of exhibits and all types of food!! Enjoy free entertainment performs across two stages nightly with acts ranging from gospel to rock and even doo-wop oldies. Take a gander at the schedule for yourself and slate out the best nights. Gary Night Of A Thousand Comics! - August 2, 8-11pm, at the D PerforMANCE Comedy Theatre in Miller. This month's comedy show features a ton of comedians many of which have never performed in #NWIndiana doing their best 5 min sets! 1. Keegan Damron 2. Brian Johnson 3. K. C. Korey Carrolll 4. Kyle Alan 5. Big Sug Aaron Hugger 6. Patrick Fowler 7. Bill Sharkie Krawetz 8. Ray Chi Chi 9. Marni P 10. 38 Dee11. Serena Monay 12. Cameron Cooper 13. Giovanni Montoya 14. Jenni Rodriguez 15. Oscar El Cuchillo Carvajal 16. Anna Marie Long 17. Mary Collie 18. King-David Lane 19. Danette Mark 20. Dezimon Alicea 21. Mistaa Brown 22. Darryl Perfor Mance 23. Sable 24. Brad Kofman 25. Billy D Dodaro 26. Michael Banks 27. Raza Jafri 28. Jeff Hawks 29. Ernest Shepard 30. LaSalle Wilson Tickets can be bought from King David or on at the find tickets link above once on sale. $8 in advance or $10 at the door. Doors open at 7:30! Show starts at 8:30. Playdate in the Nature Play Zone - August 3 at the Douglas Center for Environmental Education. Kids of all ages are invited to spend a couple of hours having fun in nature. Join a ranger and explore Miller Woods, build a fort, climb a tree, create awesome nature art, and so much more. Held from 1-3 p. m Sunday Night Funny At Diamond Center - August 4, 7-10pm, at the Diamond Center. A great night of comedy is coming to downtown Gary at the Diamond Center adjacent to US Steel Yard. King-David Lane & King David Komedy present a great line up of comedy including Mayor Maboneskee Love, OhJay Lamont, Darryl Perfor Mance, special guests Michael Banks and Jenni Rodriguez, & your headliners for the evening PIMPROV! People from all over the world have traveled to see Pimprov in Chicago but they are coming to see you! These great improv actors have been featured in the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, & on WGN as well as numerous other outlets. LaPorte American Family Day - August 4, 12-5pm, at Hesston Steam Museum. American Family Day, a day out with your family and a great deal! Enjoy riding on 3 different railroads, the steam powered sawmill and steam powered popcorn wagon too. Michigan City 11th Annual Award-Winning Great Lakes Grand Prix - August 1-4 at Washington Park. In its 11th year, the award-winning Great Lakes Grand Prix features many of the world's fastest and most powerful offshore power boats and new this year is the exciting addition of P1 boats and AquaX Jet Ski racing. Throughout this exciting 4-day event, walk through the park and chat with racers, team members and boat owners while getting up close and personal with these watercrafts which will also appear in the boat parade, block party and Taste of Michigan City. All weekend long, enjoy live entertainment, family fun, food, drinks and Racing! Taste of Michigan City - August 2-3 at Downtown on Franklin between 8th and 6th streets. Fri 4-11pm; Sat noon-11pm The Taste of Michigan City is an exciting annual event presented by the Michigan City Mainstreet Association in the Uptown Arts District that showcases our city's amazing food, artistry and local businesses. The festivities begin on Fri, Aug 2 at 4pm with delicious samplings from local restaurants, incredible live music and a beer garden featuring several local breweries; continuing Sat, Aug 3 starting at noon. Michigan City Chamber Music Festival - August 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 at First Presbyterian Church, 9th and Washington St. Music for all ages. Performances feature Emmy, Grammy and Gramophone Magazine Award-Winning Soloists from Across the Nation. Aug 3 & 9 at 7:30pm Aug 5 & 7 at 7pm Aug 11 at 3pm Monticello Moefest - August 3 at Pine View Resort. Two well-hyped bands will provide a night of entertainment - and all proceeds go to our local FOP Lodge 123! Mark your calendars to rock out with the boys in blue! Valparaiso Adult Hike Sunset Hill Farm - August 3, at Sunset Hill Farm County Park. This hike will be led by a park naturalist and will be highly interactive and designed for adults. Registration is not necessary. Meet at the benches by the parking lot. Adult hikes will be held from 9-9:30am Hot Air Balloon Fest - August 3-4 at Sunset Hill Farm County Park. Join Sunset Hill Farm County Park for an evening of #HotAirBalloonFlights! Tethered Hot Air Ballon rides will begin around 6pm! There will be #FoodTrucks, Live Music, Family friendly entertainment, Vendors, and a Beer and Wine Garden to start off the festivities! Northeast Indiana Angola Park-inn Movies: Jumanji (1995 Version) - August 1, 930-1130pm, at the Potawatomi Inn. Bring your blanket or lawn chair to the lawn overlooking Lake James. Admission is free to Inn Guests, Campground Guests and with paid admission to Pokagon State Park. (Weather Permitting). Elkhart EnviroFest 2019 - August 3, 12-6pm, at Elkhart Central Park and Civic Plaza. Join us for live music, food vendors, a Local Beer and Wine Garden by South Bend Brew Werks for adults 21 and older, and exhibits with local businesses, vendors, organizations, and artists showcasing innovative ideas, sustainability, products, art, and more. Drop by the Kids’ Area for family-friendly entertainment with games, crafts, and activities and shows by Indiana Wild! Don’t miss the silent auction and raffle with a variety of fun and practical items donated by local businesses. This will be Elkhart's first Zero-Waste event--with at least 90% of materials being recycled or composted instead of thrown away! Kendallville Food Truck Friday - August 2, 6-9pm, at Downtown Kendallville. We'll have 7 food trucks from around the region, along with music by the Actual Size Band, corn hole games, and several pop-up boutiques for you to stroll through and enjoy! The fun starts at 6:00pm. This is a family-friendly event. Mentone Popular Rotorcraft Association's 57th Annual Fly-in and Convention - July 30 - August 3 at the PRA Airport in Mentone. The PRA International Convention is a Mecca for personal rotorcraft (gyroplane and helicopter) pilots, attracting fans from all over the globe! Unlike other events, the PRA Convention is centered on HOMEBUILT ROTORCRAFT and rotorcraft related activities, fans and interests. The PRA Convention is packed full of seminars, forums, contests, events, ceremonies and lots of homebuilt rotorcraft flying and resources. Peru 2019 Warbird Car Show - August 3, 730am-3pm, at Grissom Air Museum. Grissom Air Museum will host it’s annual car show on Saturday August 3rd with vehicle registration starting at 7:30 a. m. The cost will be $15 per vehicle paid at the gate the day of the show. Gates will open at 9 a. for general public with $3 admission for 12 and older and 11 and under being free. Come out and see hundreds of classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Enjoy food, DJ, 50/50 drawing, great airplanes, and don’t forget to check out our indoor exhibit and gift shop! All proceeds go to the Grissom Air Museum to help preserve our planes and exhibits so come out and help us preserve the “Can Do” legacy! Shipshewana The Browns - July 29 7-9pm, July 30 1-3pm, at the Blue Gate Theatre. Doors: 30 min prior Prices: Tickets Only - $19. 95 | Dinner and Theater - $37. 95 King's Brass - August 1, 7-9pm, at the Blue Gate Theatre. Doors Open: 6:30pm Prices: Tickets Only - $24. 95 | Dinner and Theater - $42. 95 This Shipshewana Gas & Steam Engine Show - August 2, 8am-4pm, at the Farmstead Expo Barn. Farmstead Expo Barn 368 S Van Buren St, Shipshewana, IN 46565 Hear the roar of the engines and watch the annual steam and tractor show with Gas Engines, 30+ Antique Tractors, and Hit & Miss Engines. Held in conjunction with the Shipshewana Antique Festival & Vintage Market. Steam Engine Set Up includes a spark show after dark and is held the night before on Friday, August 2. See old-fashioned farming demonstrations like field plowing, saw mill and wheat threshing! Plus, old trades like a blacksmith, wheelwright, potter, copper smith, wool spinner, weaver, and wood turner. Also, watch a Vintage Baseball Game on the East lawn of the Farmstead Inn & Conference Center from 11am-2pm Ball Brothers - August 2, 7-9pm, at the Blue Gate Theatre. 95 Central Indiana Franklin Hops & Vines Festival - August 3, 5-10pm, at East Court St. Come to downtown Franklin for Hops & Vines, a beer and wine festival put on by Discover Downtown Franklin. The event is from 5 to 10 p. Admission to the event is free, while admission to the beer and wine garden (must be 21 or older) is $5. Tickets will be sold at the door with prices of $5 for a pint of beer and $1 for sample tickets. The Historic Artcraft Theatre will be showing a movie at 2 p. and 7:30 p. and the Classic Car Cruise-In will take place on North Main Street, near the Artcraft, at 5 p. Food vendors will begin serving at 5 p. m., which is the time that the beer and wine garden open. A band will be performing on the music stage from 7 to 10 p. Gas City Gas City Concerts in the Park Presents Unspoken - July 30, 7pm, at Gas City Park. This is a FREE concert brought to you by the Gas City Concerts in the Park committee Indianapolis Children's Museum First Thursday - August 1, 4-8pm, at The Children's Museum. The first Thursday evening of each month, nonmembers may visit The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis or the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience® at the discounted rate of just $5 per person, or visit both experiences for $7 per person. First Thursday pricing is valid from 4 to 8 p. only Indiana State Fair - August 2-18 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The Indiana State Fair returns every Aug. to celebrate youth, agriculture and education in a fun and entertaining experience. Knightstown Knightstown Community Law Enforcement Block Party - August 3, 5-10pm, at Academy Palace. Meet 'n Greet your local, county and state law enforcement officers! We are so fortunate that they care so much about our community! Check out all the many fun and FREE things going on at the cluding a HOG ROAST DINNER, LIVE BAND Waylon T, WIBC's Terri Stacy (and our own hometown girl! ), PETTING ZOO, PONY RIDES, FACE PAINTING, BALLOON ARTISTS, MAGICIANS, VINTAGE POLICE CAR & a BOUNCE HOUSE OBSTACLE COURSE!! FIRST 300 KIDS will receive a FREE BACKPACK full of school supplies!!!!!! ALL FUN & FREE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!! Kokomo Brews on Buckeye - August 3, 5-10pm, on Buckeye St in Downtown Kokomo. An all Indiana Craft Beer festival thrown in the heart of downtown Kokomo. Come join us as we host an array of samples from tasty Indiana breweries, distilleries, and delicious local food! Get your tickets early, and enjoy an amazing time in historic downtown including a live performance from DJ Action Jackson! General admission tickets $30. VIP tickets $50. Designated driver tickets $10 (includes non-alcoholic drinks all night. ) Muncie JD McPherson performs in a FREE concert - August 3, 7pm, at Canan Commons. Roots-rocker JD McPherson will be performing in a FREE, all ages outdoor concert on Saturday, Sugust 3rd at 7 PM at Canan Commons in the heart of downtown Muncie, IN. JD has received widespread acclaim for his roots=based rock stylings, including a "Best Roots Album" award from the Independent Music Awards. Please join us for this great show. Zionsville Zionsville Street Dance - August 3 on Main Street. Wrap up summer at this family-friendly event that fills Main Street with live music, dancing and food from local restaurants. Southern Indiana Corydon Tour De Pork Bike Ride and Concert featuring the band 3D2 - August 3, 8am-6pm, at Turtle Run Winery. Tour De Pork bike ride raises funds for the Ohio River Greenway project, a cycling, walking, and running route along the Ohio River connecting New Albany, Clarksville and Jeffersonville. It's pretty awesome! Anyway, we are the host site for Tour De Pork, where you can choose a 25 or 50 mile bike ride. Upon returning, you'll be treated to a pulled pork meal and incredible music from 3D2. The bike ride starts at 8:00 AM and the music at 11:00 AM Sunday Concert Series: Brutally Handsome - August 4, 130-530pm, at Turtle Run Winery. utally Handsome. The guys will tell you that they are the most brutally handsome band there is! And if you have figured it out yet, this is an Eagles cover band! Sure, they'll toss in some Don Henley, Glenn Fry and Joe Walsh songs too, They are really good at what they do, so come out and enjoy!!! Our concerts are free and they are family friendly. Jasper Jasper Strassenfest - August 1-4 at the Courthouse and Downtown Area. Family-oriented street festival with German music, food, events, dancing, rides, games, beer garden, 5k run/walk, car show, parade and great fun! Come to Jasper this weekend and join in the great fun. So much to do - especially on Saturday. Sunday is mainly the parade - but what a parade it is!! Madison Park-inn Movies: Shrek - August 3, 930-1130pm, at Clifty Inn. Bring your blanket to the lawn overlooking the Ohio River (behind Clifty Inn). Admission is free to Inn Guests, Campground Guests and with paid admission to Clifty Falls State Park. Odon Odon Old Settlers Festival - August 1-3 at Odon Park. One of Indiana's oldest festivals celebrating over 132 years of fun, exhibits and entertainment, parades, contests, kids day, and much more ONGOING EVENTS Northwest Indiana Chesterton Chesterton's European Market - Saturdays May through October at Third St and Broadway, Downtown Chesterton. An outdoor family/artisanal market held in historic downtown Chesterton from 8 a. to 2 p. Gary Gary Southshore Railcats at U. S. Steel Yard - Various days at US Steel Yard. A day at U. Steel yard is non-stop fun, and that's even without the baseball! The RailCats promise a wide array of laugh-out-loud between inning entertainment, great giveaways, jaw-dropping fireworks and a family-first, kid-friendly atmosphere! Miller Woods Hike Sundays - Every Sunday at Miller Woods. The hike starts at the National Lakeshore's Paul H. Douglas Center and travels through varied habitats including rare and beautiful black oak savanna and offers incredible views of Lake Michigan and Chicago. Wear sturdy shoes and bring water and insect repellent. This hike is offered every Sunday from 1:30 to 3:30pm. Hammond 61: An Exhibit Celebrating the 61st National Park - July 2 - Sep 21 at the Indiana Welcome Center, 7770 Corinne Dr. The 6, 500-square-foot exhibit hall will be transformed to represent the 15, 000 acres of diverse landscapes and highlight activities available to those that visit the park system. The exhibit will feature 12 trail stops. There will be interactive exhibits for children along the trail, selfie stations and a large “sandbox” for building sandcastles. Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn about the 1, 100 native plant species, rare and migrating birds, as well as recreational opportunities like camping, hiking, kayaking and cross-country skiing. Interactive activities will also give children a chance to become a Junior Ranger! Hobart Summer Market on the Lake - Thursdays through the end of August at Festival Park, 111 E Old Ridge Road. Come enjoy outdoor shopping featuring fresh produce, baked goods, ethnic and gourmet foods, beer garden, local live entertainment, jewelry, handmade crafts and so much more. LaPorte LaPorte Farmer's Market - Saturdays July through the end of October at Monroe St and Lincoln Way. The LaPorte Farmer's Market strives to build and strengthen the local food movement in LaPorte by showcasing our region's bounty and economic opportunities locally. Logansport Summer Sundown Music Series - Sundays May through August. Bring the lawn chairs or blankets and enjoy Sunday evenings listening to a different musical artist each week. Each Sunday evening you will find yourself at a different park with new musical artist. Check online to see where and who will be appearing! Michigan City Michigan City Municipal Band Concerts - Thursdays in June, July, and August, at the Washington Park Guy Foreman Amphitheater. Experience free live musical performances under the stars near the shores of Lake Michigan in Washington Park. Seating available or bring your own chair. June-August, Thursdays 7:30pm. Light Keeper Harriet Colfax Month - July 1-31, 1-4pm, at Old Lighthouse Museum, 100 Heisman Harbor Rd. Harriet Colfax came into the 1858 Light House in 1861 an served faithfully until her retirement in 1904. Learn more about his Great Lakes legend all month long. The Michigan City Historical Society commissioned a color portrait of Harriet by local artist Wendy Wilcox Kerman. Come and view the portrait and enjoy the historic museum and don't forget to browse the gift shop. Michigan City's Farmers Markets - Saturdays July - October at 801 S Washington St. and 1500 Franklin St. Saturdays through October 26th, 2019. Michigan City's Farmers Market aims to provide our community with the freshest produce, providing a space filled with locally grown food and artisan goods Plymouth Mayor's Month of Music - Fridays in August, 7-10pm, at River Park Square. You can grab some food from your favorite Downtown Restaurant or visit one of the many food trucks that will be in River Park Square. Firebrick Road Pizza, Chubby Buddies BBQ, Pig n Pen Tenderloins, Ben's Pretzels, Sally's By The Shore, and Bailey’s Sweet Kettle Corn and Lemon Shake ups will be there! Bring your lawn chairs or a blanket to sit on, sit back and enjoy a wonderful evening. August 2: Magic Bus, August 9: Cornfield Mafia, August 16: PS Dump Your Boyfriend, August 23: Grace Affeltranger, August 30: Out Of Favor Boys Portage Market on the Square - Fridays June through August, 3-9pm, at Founders Square. There will be over 20 vendors selling unique crafts, fresh produce, honey, flowers, breads and jams. Plus local food vendors selling food. Bands from the region will begin at 6. Then to top off the evening we will have a family movie at dusk. South Bend Keepers of the Fire: The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi - April 2019 to January 2020 at The History Museum. The rich history, culture, and art of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi is shared in this vibrant exhibit about the thriving community. Through interviews and oral histories, sculpture and beadwork, art and artifacts, the exhibit immerses visitors in the traditions and teachings of the Pokagon Band. South Bend Cubs at Four Winds Field - Various days at Four Winds Field. The South Bend Cubs are the Class A minor league affiliate of the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. Over the past 30 seasons, the team has won five Midwest League titles and has captured 12 division titles. In 2015 the team was named Ballpark Digest's Team of the Year and received the John H. Johnson President's Award, the highest award in minor league baseball. The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Show - May 4th 2019 to May 2nd 2020, 6-9pm, at the DoubleTree by Hilton. America’s largest interactive murder mystery dinner show! The Dinner Detective provides a hilarious evening of murder mystery, a 4-course meal, and a prize package for the top sleuth. Just beware, the killer might be sitting right next to you! Northeast Indiana Fort Wayne Fort Wayne TinCaps at Parkview Field - Various days at Parkview Field. The TinCaps are entering their 10th season at Parkview Field, which has been rated as Minor League Baseball's No. 1 Ballpark Experience four consecutive years. Middlebury Faces of Middlebury - May 17th to October 4th throughout Middlebury. Grab your cameras and the map to locate each “face of Middlebury” and insert your face for the perfect picture. Free maps are available at local businesses and organizations. Post your pics on Middlebury Then & Now’s Facebook page or on Instagram using #facesofmiddlebury. Can you find all of them, up to 30 "faces"? Gangsters, Saloons and Buggies on Roofs Guided Tour - May 29th to September 25th at the Downtown Middlebury library. You wouldn't know Middlebury had a rough-and-tumble past, but behind today's modern facades lie tales of small-town mischief, hoods on the lam and possible mysterious passageways. Get the inside story and secrets from a local with this tour of downtown. Tours are offered at 10am every Wednesday and at 630pm the first Tuesday of each month. Walking tour is approximately 1 hour. Allow time after the tour to visit the unique shops and restaurants in the area. $5 Group tours are available by advanced reservation (call 574. 825. 5601) Giant Toadstools and the World's Fair Guided Walking Tour - May 30th to September 26th at the Krider World's Fair Garden. Enjoy a guided tour through living history! The Krider family of Middlebury once captured the imagination of the world. This tour of the garden that bears their name opens a window to the family's nursery at the height of its creative powers. The beauty will take your breath away, just as it did at the Chicago World's Fair in 1933. Tours are offered at 10am every Thursday and at 630pm the first Tuesday of each month. Allow time after the tour to visit the museum, unique shops and restaurants in the area. 5601) Shipshewanna A Simple Sanctuary, the new musical - March 28th to October 31st at the Blue Gate Theatre. She prayed the day would never come, but when her past comes calling, Melissa James has no choice but to flee. Pursued and living on the run, she finds desperate sanctuary and surprising friendship in Amish country. Part suspense, part romance, A Simple Sanctuary is a compelling story of love tested, the cost of freedom, and the solace found in true community. Shipshewana Flea Market - Tuesdays and Wednesdays from May through September, 8am-4pm, at the Shipshewana Auction. Nearly 700 open-air booths on 40 acres await you at the Midwest’s Largest Flea Market. Food courts, restrooms, scooter rentals and rest areas are on site. Open rain or shine. Also open for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and new weekend markets on August 16-17 (Mother/Daughter Days). Antique Auctions are every Wednesday inside the Antique & Miscellaneous building. Shipshewana Breakfast Club - Fridays in July and August, 830-1100am, at the Blue Gate Theatre. Breakfast: 8:30am | Program: 10:00am Price: $26. 00 - Includes Breakfast and Show These concerts will be held at the Blue Gate Theatre July 12 - Lynda Randle July 19 - Allison Speer July 26 - The Taylors Aug 2 - King's Brass Aug 9 - Doug Anderson Aug 16 - Old Time Preacher's Quartet Aug 23 - Soul'd Out Quartet Aug 30 - TBA Shipshewana's Majestic Frontier - August 2-24, 12-10pm, at The Michiana Event Center. Frontier is 90 minutes of gunslinging, riding, roping, action packed excitement featuring real life Cowboys and Cowgirls, ranch hands, folk dancing saloon girls, western singers, amazing trick ropers, a roman riding team comprised of six draft horses, trick and fancy riding, real Texas Longhorns, cowboys riding actual cows, comedy and so much more! One of the most exciting shows Shipshewana has ever seen! Dinner: Authentic Chuck Wagon BBQ meal! Pulled Pork, Cowboy Beans, Scalloped potatoes, Green Beans, Garlic Biscuit. Drinks: Tea & Lemonade. Dessert: Cherry cobbler & Vanilla Ice Cream Central Indiana Fishers Kroger Symphony on the Prairie - Saturdays and Sundays at Conner Prairie. The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's summer series provides music from classical, pop, and rock genres from mid-June through Labor Day weekend. See performance schedule online Hamilton County Celebrate the 10th Year of Tenderloin Tuesdays - Tuesdays in July throughout Hamilton County. Celebrating the 10th year, dine along the Tenderloin Trail™. Don’t miss Tenderloin Tuesdays™ in July along the tastiest trail. Each Tuesday restaurants offer special deals on the Hoosier delicacy. For a complete list of participating restaurants in Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield and Northern Hamilton County, visit Indianapolis Treasures of Ancient Greece exhibit - Jun 15 to Jan 5 at The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis. This once-in-a-lifetime immersive exhibition brings to Indianapolis more than 150 ancient objects and artifacts, many of which have never been seen outside of Greece. The ancient Greeks revered the human body, and many of the depictions are nude. Featured are bronze and marble statues, gold jewelry and funerary objects, exquisite pottery, artifacts of the world’s first democracy, and an extraordinary replica of the Antikythera Mechanism, known as the world’s first computer. Mind Tripping Show - March 1st to December 28th, 8:30-10PM at the Hilton Indianapolis Hotel and Suites. Mind Tripping: a Comedy with a Psychological Twist is an interactive show by Christian & Katalina, the #1 Husband and Wife Comedy Mind Reading Act in the Nation. Be a part of a mind-bending, reality-twisting interactive theatrical show. Think Candid Camera meets the Twilight Zone. Be prepared to have your perceptions challenged and your expectations turned upside down Naturally Inspired Art Exhibition - May 24th to August 21st at The Indianapolis Zoo. After the paintings have dried and been professionally framed by The Great Frame Up Downtown, they are displayed for the summer in the Schaefer Rotunda at White River Gardens. Plus, you also get to enjoy the works of some of our more artistically inclined animals. Who knows — you may see a penguin Picasso, a walrus Warhol, an elephant Escher and many others! The Naturally Inspired Art Show presented by The Great Frame Up Downtown is included with Zoo admission. The National Bank of Indianapolis Summer Nights Film Series - Various days June-August, at The Amphitheater. You can watch movies under the stars every weekend at Newfields. Doors open at 7 pm, when you can enjoy a picnic dinner, music, and activities, followed by that night’s movie, which will begin when twilight turns to night (usually 9:30 pm). Over the summer, over 20 movies will be shown—everything from black-and-white classics to modern blockbusters. All you need is a picnic (with non-alcoholic beverages only), chairs (for the back row of each tier), and blankets (in case the chair row is full). You will also want sunscreen and bugspray. No alcohol, pets, candles taller than 12 inches, or knives permitted. And if you want to travel light with just a chair and blanket, concessions will be available to purchase. Check out to see available films and to purchase tickets once they are available. The Generous Pour at The Capital Grille, July 8 - Sep 1, 5-9pm, at 40 W. Washington Street. The Capital Grille’s annual The Generous Pour wine event has returned for its eleventh year. This year’s theme is Legends of the Land, where guests can sip on any combination of seven select wines including the Maggy Hawk 2015 Pinot Noir, the 2015 Cenyth Red Blend, and the Arrowood 2013 Red Blend. Each is from California’s Jackson Family that tell a unique story of origin and sustainability. From July 8th through September 1, 2019, guests are offered a customized wine tasting paired with the restaurant’s classic menu items, including hand-carved steaks and fresh seafood and appetizers with a flavorful twist for $28 per person with dinner. Kokomo First Friday Kokomo - First Friday of every month, 530-9pm, at Downtown Kokomo. Activities include art, music, food, local vendors, shops, entertainment, kid's activities & much more! Visit their Facebook page for monthly themes and schedule of all activities! Kokomo Jackrabbits at Kokomo Municipal Stadium - Various days at the Kokomo Municipal Stadium. Enjoy a day at the ballpark! The Kokomo Jackrabbits baseball team are members of the summer collegiate Prospect League. Games are held late May through early August and feature fun themes and giveaways. Lawn and stadium seating available, starting at $8. Richmond Summer Story Hour - Mondays, 10-11am, at the Physical Building of the Joseph Moore Museum. Join us each Monday in June and July at 10am for a special hour of stories! Each week will feature a different book about nature or science with a corresponding craft or activity. All ages are welcome and stories are chosen particularly for children in preschool - first grade. Westfield Indianapolis Colts 2019 Training Camp - July 25 - Aug 15 at the Grand Park Sports Campus. Join us at the Indianapolis Colts 2019 Training Camp! Every day you can enjoy watching practice, giveaways, food & drink specials, interactive games, and more. Download your free tickets at. Southern Indiana Birdseye Wildlife Cruises on Patoka Lake - Wednesdays May through October at the Patoka Lake Marina. Not just a boat ride: cruise the second largest lake in Indiana upon a climate controlled tour boat to search for osprey, eagles, blue herons, loons and other wildlife. Two hour cruises embark EVERY WEDNESDAY at 10am beginning in May and continuing through October. Voyagers are encouraged to capture on camera baby osprey in their nests, an eagle in flight, and busy beavers as the boat passes by. Wine Cruises on Patoka Lake - Every other Friday starting June 7th, 730-930pm, at the Patoka Lake Marina. Sip wine paired with hors d'oeuvres/desserts while enjoying the sunset on Patoka Lake on our 60 person tour boat! Enjoy 5-7 tastings of wine from a featured Indiana winery, and choose 2 glasses of your favorite to enjoy after the tasting portion. Bottles of wine available for purchase as well as additional glasses. Call (812) 685-2203 to reserve your spot today! Only $50/person or $98/couple. Visit our website to view the winery lineup. Clarksville Shrek the Musical - July 3rd - Aug 18th, 6-10pm, at the Derby Dinner Playhouse. Somebody once told me everyone’s favorite ogre is back in the hilarious and twisted adventure based on the Oscar-winning smash hit film. Follow this unlikely green hero on a life-changing journey full of romance and dozens of zany misfit characters. The perfect show for any age! Ticket price includes dinner, show, tax & parking. AAA discount available. Evansville Evansville Otters at Bosse Field - Various days at Bosse Field. Locally owned and a member of the Frontier League, the Otters are the darlings of summer. Great ball play combined with fun promotions throughout the game guarantee an evening of fun family entertainment. To top it off, the games are played at Bosse Field, a stadium built in 1915 and the site of the filming of "A League of Their Own" in 1992. Come watch our Boys of Summer from May through August! Floyds Knobs Floyds Knobs Farmers Market - Saturdays May through October at 400 Block Laffollette Station. Floyds Knobs Farmers Market Opening May 11 - October 26 Every Saturday from 8:30 am to 1 pm. Were an Indiana Grown Market and host a variety of Great Events throughout Season. French Lick The Art of the Monon - April 1st to August 31st, 10am-4pm at the French Lick West Baden Museum. The Monon was Indiana’s railroad and touched every town in Orange County. See the Monon paintings of renowned railroad artist Howard Fogg and other rare Monon items. Huntingburg Dubois County Bombers at League Stadium - Various days at the League Stadium. League Stadium was home to the Rockford Peaches in the hit movie A League of Their Own. The vintage signage, scoreboard, and atmosphere remain. The Bombers play in vintage-inspired uniforms - pants are knickered, stirrups are worn. The crack of a wood bat against a baseball resounds through the stadium. You may hear Who’s on First over the audio. We even have our own Peaches at the games keeping everything in the stadium rolling, while our coaches and players keep it exciting on the field. Rising Sun Rock on Rising Sun - April 10th to September 30th on Main Street. Search and re-hide painted rocks hidden within the City of Rising Sun city limits. Spearheaded by a local resident, thousands of rocks are painted throughout the season for kids of all ages to find and re-hide. Participants are encouraged to paint their own creations and hide within the city limits. Photos of found rocks are asked to be uploaded to the Rock on Rising Sun.

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Download movie i am patrick young. Just a quick note before I start posting. I want to clarify I found a few channels lots of new things and changes that I didnt' have that had went almost up to a year ago, so I went through their videos and added all of the new ones I hadn't had initially. (I didn't just add these because I saw them personally, they were posted about and mentioned by YouTubers and people on Reddit and Mandela Effect related websites. ) We have actually managed to break records as I literally have only had part 20 up for a week and already I've exceeded the max number of characters. I actually need to make part 21 right away, but just wanted to say to anyone who's annoyed with me about or whatever reason they might be mad that I'm sorry. These changes were not from me specifically. Just wanted to let you guys know just in case. 4108. (Website Logo change. )Do you remember the dots in the Is in Listia being normal? (Anything else off? ) 4109. (Can't think of a title. )Do you remember there not being soda cans of Doritos? (Cheetos? )(Fritos? )(Rold Gold? )(Do any of the logos look off? ) 4110. (Famous Musician name change. )Chris Isaac/Chris Isaak(Other spellings? ) 4111. (University name change. )University Of California, Berkley/University Of California, Berkely/University Of California, Berkeley(Were the Es not slanted? ) 4112. (Drug name change. )Canabis/Cannabis (drug) 4113. (Duo name change. )The New Boys/The New Boyz/New Boys/New Boyz 4114. (Boy Band name change. )The Backstreet Boys/Backstreet Boys 4115. )The New Kids On The Block/New Kids On The Block 4116. )Boys ll Men/Boyz ll Men(Was 2 abbreviated differently? ) 4117. (T. V. Show Logo change. )Do you remember the letters in Raven's Home not touching? (Do any of the letters look off? )(Does That's So Raven look off? )(Was it Raven Symone, Raven-Symone, or Raven Symoné instead of Raven-Symoné? ) 4118. (Company Logo change. )Do you remember the letters in Gfycat being normal? 4119. )Do you remember Bob Holness playing the saxophone in Baker Street? 4120. )Do you remember your eyeballs being pop out of your head and being able to go back in with no problem? (Were people able to do this on command? )(Would it originally cause issues with your eyes? )(Do you remember easily being able to push eyeballs back into place on dogs and other animals? )(Does the T in Slate look off? ) 4121. (Insurance Company Logo change. )Do you remember the Ss in Progressive not being backwards Zs? (Any of the other letters look off? ) 4122. )Do you remember the Es in older State Farm logos not being slanted? (Do the Ts look off in any of the logos? )(Anything else off? ) 4123. (Financial Company Logo change. )Do you remember the letters in J. G. Wentworth not touching? (Do the Ws look off? )(Anything else off? ) 4124. )Do you remember the As in certain Allstate logos not being slanted? (Did it not have a cut in the one logo? )(Were the letters not touching in the original logo? )(Were the Ts normal in certain logos? ) 4125. )Do you remember the N being normal in Esurance? (Anything else off? ) 4126. )Do you remember the letters in the original CenturyLink logo not being connected? (Did they not go by different names? ) 4127. Channel Logo change. )Do you remember the C and W not being connected? (Does the W look off? )(Was it just CW? ) 4128. )Do you remember the letters in the certain KCPQ logos not touching? (Does the Q look off in any of the logos? )(Did they not go by different names? ) 4129. )Do you remember the T and V in certain TruTV logos not being connected? (Did they not go by different names? )(Was it TrueTV? ) 4130. )Do you remember the letters in certain TLC logos not being connected? (Did they not go by different names? )(Do the letters look off in any of the logos? ) 4131. )Do you remember the letters in certain A&E logos not being connected? (Did they not go by different names? )(Do the letters look off in any of the logos? ) 4132. (Phone Company Logo change. )Does the V in Vonage look off to you? (Anything else off? ) 4133. )Do you remember the letters in certain Jackson Hewitt logos not being connected? (Anything else off? ) 4134. )Do you remember the singular for paparazzi being paparazzi instead of paparazzo? 4135. (Date change. )Do you remember American Made being released last year instead of being released this year? (film) 4136. )Do you remember the Ts in Quest Diagnostics not having the left side cut off? (Was the Q in the logo not cut at the bottom left and the top right? )(Does the older logo look off? ) 4137. (Medicine Logo change. )Do you remember the Es in Nature Made not being slanted? (Does the T look off? )(Did the R in Pharmavite have a closed line? ) Add-On: Do you remember the A in Tab having a closed line? (Did the B have a closed line? )(Does the T look off? ) 4138. (Game Rental Company Logo change. )Do you remember the G in GameCrazy not being broken? (Were the As not broken? )(Was the E not broken? ) 4139. (Video Rental Company Logo change. )Do you remember the letters in Movie Gallery not touching? (Were the letters normal? ) 4140. )Do you remember the F and A in Family not being connected? (Did the Y not have a long curve? )(Did the V not have a curve? ) 4141. )Do you remember A in GameFly not being broken? (Do any of the other letters look off? ) 4142. (Celebrity death date change. )Do you remember Frank Vincent dying in 2015 or 2016 instead of 2017? 4143. (Phantom geography. )Do you remember Baja California not existing? (Did Baja California Sur not exist? ) 4144. )Do you remember there not being a Supervolcano in Bolivia? (Was it Super Volcano? )(Other spellings? ) 4145. )Do you remember rolling clouds not being a thing? 4146. )Do you remember sleeping with the fan on with no open doors or windows while sleeping being able to kill you? 4147. )Do you remember artificial light not being as bright as it is now? (Does it feel more bright to you? ) 4148. )Do you remember doves and pigeons being different types of birds? (Do you remember pigeons, flamingos and penguins not producing milk? ) 4149. (Soda name change. )Thumbs Up/Thums Up(Do the letters in the logo look off? )(Do the letters in the subtext look off? )(Anything else off? ) 4150. (Spelling change. )Gelatin/Gelatine(The latter wasn't acceptable. ) 4151. )Hannukah/Hanukah/Hannukkah/Hanukkah(It's acceptable to spell it multiple ways. )(Sometimes with a CH. ) 4152. )Do you remember the letters in Death Addict being normal? 4153. )Do you remember the As in Bareway being normal? (Did not know what the site was about. ) 4154. (News Website Logo change. )Do you remember the A in "Daily" in Daily Mail not being slanted? (Any of the other letters look off? )(Do the letters in "Mail" look off? ) 4155. (Rock Band Logo change. )Do you remember the letters in Asia being normal? 4156. )Do you remember the letters in The Cars being normal? (Does the other logo look off? ) Add-On: Do you remember the letters in The Beatles not being connected? Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Lynyrd Skynyrd not being connected? (Do any of the letters look off? ) Add-On: Do you remember there not being a dash in the Led Zeppelin logo? (Do any of the letters look off? ) 4157. )Do you remember the letters in Foo Fighters being normal? (Were they not connected? )(Do any of the other logos look off? ) Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Scorpions being normal? 4158. )Do you remember the letters in Black Sabbath not touching? (Does the other logo look off? ) Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Eagles being normal? Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Bee Gees being normal? Add-On: Do you remember the letters in New Kids On The Block being normal? (Did they not touch? ) Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Boyz ll Men not being connected? (Anything else off? ). SY355 Add-On: Do you remember "The Red Hot Chili Peppers" instead of "Red Hot Chili Peppers? "(Was it Chilli? )(Anything else off? )(Did they not go by other names? ) 4159. (Toy name change. )Teddy Ruxbin/Teddy Ruxpin(Do any of the logos look off? ) 4160. (Grammar change. )Brain Dead/Brain-Dead 4161. )Hip Hop/Hip-Hop(The latter wasn't acceptable. ) Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Mötley Crüe being normal? Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Pink Floyd being normal? (Do any of the other logos look off? ) Add-On: Do you remember vintage Lunchables coming with a red stick? (Was it a red spoon? )(Were the letters not connected in the vintage logo? ) 4162. )Cellotape/Sellotape(Other spellings? )(Was it not acceptable to spell it "Sellotape" at all? )(Was it not a trademark related spelling? ) Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Android being normal? 4163. (Famous Actress name change. )Muriel Hemingway/Mariel Hemingway 4164. (Product Logo change. )Do you remember the letters in Vaio being normal? 4165. )Do you remember the letters in Zaxby's not being connected? (Anything else off? ) 4166. )Do you remember the letters in Cintas not being connected? (Do any of the letters look off? ) Add-On: Do you remember Patrick Swayze dying earlier than 2009? (Do you remember Patrick Swayzee? ) Add-On: Do you remember The Village People instead of Village People? (Do any of the logos look off? )(Do any other logos from other bands, groups or singers that I've posted about look off to you or is anything else off? )(Do any other logos I've shared in the past look off in any other way? ) 4167. )Do you remember being a Virgo if you were born from August 10th-September 16th? 4168. (Car Model name change. )Toyota Solaris/Toyota Solara 4169. )Do you remember horses not being able to grow mustaches? (Was it "moustaches" and "moustache"? ) 4170. )Do you remember Paul Merton exposing Jimmy Savile? 4171. (Award Show Logo change. )Do you remember the letters in Streamy Awards being normal? (Anything else off? )(Do any of the other logos look off? ) 4172. (Logo change. )Do you remember the A in Wolfgang Puck being normal? (Do any of the other letters look off? )(Do the W and P in the other logo look off? )(Anything else off? ) Add-On: Do you remember not being able to enter the Sphinx? 4173. (New species. )Have you heard of the Sea Pickle? 4174. (Anatomy change. )Do you remember the appendix being on the left side instead of the right side? 4175. )Do you remember Hugh Hefner dying a few months ago? (A few years ago? ) 4176. )Julia Louis-Dreyfuss/Julia Louis-Dreyfus(Other spellings? ) Add-On: Do you remember Google not calling their employees "Googlers? "(Did they not call new employees "Nooglers"? )(Anything else off? )(Do you remember Google not originally being called BackRub? )(Do any of the letters in BackRub look off? )(Do you remember it being "The Google? "). SX332_BO1, 204, 203, 200 4177. )Have you heard of the Giant Tree-Dwelling Rat? 4178. )Matress/Mattress 4179. )Have you heard of the blue tarantula? 4180. (Fishing Supplies Store name change. )Bass Pro Shop/Bass Pro Shops 4181. (Restaurant Logo change. )Do you remember the letters in Cinnabon not being connected? (Do any of the letters look off? )(Anything else off? ) 4182. )Do you remember the F and Y in Huffy not being connected? (Any of the other logos look off? ) 4183. (Movie Quote change. )"I was but the student, now I am the master! "/"I was but the apprentice, now I am the master! "/"I was but the learner, now I am the master! " 4184. )Unibomber/Unabomber 4185. (Famous Actor name change. )Jamie Fox/Jamie Foxx Add-On: Do you remember Cheveron instead of Chevron? 4186. )Do you remember the universal blood type being O-positive instead of O-negative? 4187. (Famous Host name change. )Conan O'Brian/Conan O'Brien 'Brien 4188. (Definition change. )Do you remember "Nigger" meaning someone who is ignorant instead of being derogatory against people with dark skin? (Please don't hate me. ) 4189. )Do you remember Roy Orbison being blind? 4190. )Do you remember the coffee bean being a bean instead of a seed? (Does coffee have a different taste to you now? ) 4191. )Do you remember chameleons changing color to camouflage themselves instead of because of their mood or their temperature? (Do the letters in the website logo look off? ) 4192. )Do you remember losing most of your body heat through your head? (Do the letters in the website logo look off? ) 4193. )Do you remember all the planets and stars not revolving around a barycenter? 4194. )Do you remember people being able to get hyper from eating sugar? 4195. )Do you remember humans having only five senses? 4196. )Do you remember fortune cookies being invented in China instead of San Francisco? 4197. )Do you remember sushi meaning raw fish instead of sour? 4198. )Do you remember vikings wearing horned helmets? 4199. )Do you remember Vitamin C actually helping treat colds? (Do the letters in the website logo look off? ) 4200. )Do you remember penguins mating with each other for their whole lives instead of one the first year and another the next year? 4201. )Do you remember caffeine being able to dehydrate you? 4202. )Do you remember there being a dark side of the Moon? (Was it not also known as the "far side"? ) 4203. )Do you remember being only 6 feet from a rat while in London? 4204. )Do you remember Mount Everest being the tallest mountain instead of Mauna Kea? 4205. )Do you remember Mars actually being red? 4206. )Do you remember handling a baby bird making the parents reject it? (Do the letters in the website logo look off? ) 4207. )Do you remember dropping a penny from the Empire State Building being able to kill someone? 4208. )Do you remember having to wait 24 hours to report someone missing? (Was it 48 hours? )(Do the letters in the website logo look off? ) 4209. )Do you remember having to wait a while after eating before you could swim? (Do the letters in the website logo look off? ) 4210. )Do you remember bird-eating trees not being a thing? 4211. )Do you remember eating apples being able to keep you from getting sick? 4212. )Do you remember being able to get sleepy from turkey and other tryptophan filled foods? 4213. )Do you remember being able to drink milk to get less bone fractures? 4214. )Do you remember being able to get acne from eating chocolate? 4215. )Do you rememeber vanilla ice cream or other vanilla desserts actually containing beaver anal glands? 4216. )Do you remember organic food being better than normal food instead of worse? 4217. )Do you remember natural sugar being better than processed sugar? 4218. )Do you remember eating ice cream worsening a cold? 4219. )Do you remember drinking coffee stunting your growth? 4220. )Do you remember sugar being as addictive as heroin or cocaine? (Was it more? )(Do the letters in the website logo look off? ) 4221. )Do you remember sugar and chocolate being aphrodisiacs? 4222. )Do you remember dogs and cats being full colorblind? 4223. )Do you remember lemmings actually killing themselves by jumping off cliffs? 4224. )Do you remember sharks not being able to get cancer? 4225. )Do you remember being able to get warts from frogs and toads? 4226. )Do you remember ostriches burying their heads in the sand when they are scared? 4227. )Do you remember the Apatosaurus being known as the Brontosaurus? 4228. )Do you remember sharks being able to smell a drop of blood from a mile away? 4229. )Do you remember goldfish having bad memories? 4230. )Do you remember giraffes sleeping for only 30 minutes a day? 4231. )Do you remember sharks being able to die if they stop swimming? 4232. )Do you remember poinsettias being poisonous enough to kill you? 4233. )Do you remember humans evolving from monkeys instead of a separate branch of ape like animals? 4234. )Do you remember the Moon's gravity being the reason for the tides? 4235. )Do you remember lightning never striking the same place twice? 4236. )Do you remember water conducting electricity? (Do the letters in the website logo look off? ) 4237. )Do you remember tectonic plates moving because of volcanism pushing them apart? 4238. )Do you remember the Sahara being the biggest desert on Earth? (Do the letters in the website logo look off? ) 4239. )Do you remember diamonds coming from coal? 4240. )Do you remember being closer to the Sun during summer? 4241. )Do you remember lightning causing thunder? 4242. )Do you remember every gene in your DNA coding one exact protein? 4243. )Do you remember all women being born with a vaginal tissue known as a hymen that blocks their vagina? mens 4244. )Do you remember eating carrots giving you good night vision? (Did they give you good sight at all? ) 4245. )Do you remember hair and nails growing after death? 4246. )Do you remember humans not being able to grow new brain cells? 4247. )Do you remember people being able to have "photographic" memories? 4248. )Do you remember humans only using 10% of their brain? 4249. )Do you remember "left-brained" people being creative while "right-brained" people are analytical? 4250. )Do you remember animals that have bigger brains being smarter than ones with smaller brains? 4251. )Do you remember it taking 7 years for gum to digest? 4252. )Do you remember microwaves being able to give you cancer and disrupt your pacemaker? 4253. )Do you remember your hair growing back thicker and darker after it is cut? 4254. )Do you remember drugs making "holes" in your brain? 4255. )Do you remember humans having 100 billion brain cells? 4256. )Do you remember taking your vitamins keeping you healthy? 4257. )Do you remember having to drink 8 glasses of water a day? 4258. )Do you remember carbonating water not being as good for you as flat water? 4259. )Do you remember yogurt being helpful to your digestive system? 4260. )Do you remember nothing being faster than light? 4261. )Do you remember the Asteroid Belt being dangerous? 4262. )Do you remember going past the edge of space making you weightless? 4263. )Do you remember the Moon being very close to Earth? 4264. )Do you remember only being able to balance eggs and other things during the Spring Equinox? 4265. )Do you remember being able to destroy an asteroid with a nuclear weapon? 4266. )Do you remember the signal from when you call someone going through a satellite? 4267. )Do you remember the vacuum of space being cold? 4268. )Do you remember Enrico Fermi developing the "Fermi paradox" about aliens? 4269. )Do you remember there being only 3 phases of matter? 4270. )Do you remember "breaking the seal" meaning you'll have to pee more at night? 4271. )Do you remember drinking alcohol killing your brain cells? 4272. )Do you remember tequila making you act crazy and wine making you tired? 4273. )Do you remember eating before drinking keeping you sober? 4274. )Do you remember mixing energy drinks with alcohol making you drunker? 4275. )Do you remember it being safer to drink liquor and then beer instead of beer and then liquor? 4276. )Do you remember being able to remember memories lost during alcohol-induced blackouts after you're sober again? 4277. )Do you remember the lines on a solo cup being for measuring alcohol? 4278. )Do you remember brown sugar being healthier than white sugar? 4279. )Do you remember sitting close to the TV being bad for your eyes? 4280. )Do you remember vaccines being proven to cause autism? 4281. )Do you remember sugar being able to give you diabetes? 4282. )Do you remember MSG in Chinese food making you sick?

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Link: This week at Bungie, we invited you to bear witness to Trials of Osiris. We assembled a dream team for tripleWRECK to lead, and pitted them against the most dreaded combatants from our Crucible Labs. The rest, as they say, is ancient history: Video Link From the highlight reel: Trials of Osiris is a special Crucible event in the House of Wolves This new PVP endgame activity features an Elimination gametype Every weekend, the event will take place on a different map Form a three-player Fireteam and matchmake against opponents Win more games to unlock better rewards Lose three games and your Trial is over You can enter as many times as you wish Each event runs from Friday until the weekly reset See Brother Vance in the Reef to test yourself! Our live reveal was merely the capstone for a pyramid of conversation about the Trials of Osiris, and other changes coming to the Crucible. While our pre-made Fireteams were duking it out in a Burning Shrine on Mercury, special guests to our studio were cleared to voice their opinions about what they experienced right here at Bungie. Fan out and find them! Image is also home to a new () event page, along with the rest of our own evolving coverage of what’s been said about the House of Wolves. Check it out to see the new maps that will expand your personal war to become a legend in the Crucible. Image Image Image Keep an eye on those pages. Next week, we’re going to prison: Prison of Elders Reveal Wednesday, May 6th 11 AM Pacific Professor Broman has been sentenced to do some hard time. We’ll see if he can survive a battle against the inmates. Will he be trapped in there with them? Or will they be trapped in there with him? Tune in for the answer to those and other questions. “What about those Crucible changes? ” Shortly before the hunt for the House of Wolves begins on May 19th, all players will download Update 1. 2. 0 for Destiny. It will be another evolution for the experience you know. Check out this preview of some of the details we released this week, as compiled with Senior Crucible Designer Derek Carroll: The spawn locking issue currently affecting Iron Banner will be fixed Legendary items will be added to post-game reward tables for all Crucible activities Your first match in the daily featured Crucible activity will earn you a new reward package each week Reputation and Mark gains will double for each completed Crucible match Etheric Light has a chance of being included in Iron Banner reward packages for Rank 3 and Rank 5 And, finally, these maps from The Dark Below will become the domain of all and be added to the standard rotation for select playlists: Pantheon Skyshock The Cauldron As always, the full suite of changes will be itemized and scrutinized in the Patch Notes. We’ll set your expectations for the exact date when all these changes arrive as it draws nearer. Rise Up, Guardians “Amazing things can happen when we come together as a community! ” says Bungie Foundation Manager Christine Edwards. Right now, we all have a chance to fulfill the role of Guardians, and come to the aid of people in need. Here is her call to action: CE: On Saturday, April 25th, a magnitude 7. 8 earthquake devastated the country of Nepal, leaving thousands dead and tens of thousands homeless and in need of food, medical attention, and shelter. As one of Asia’s poorest countries, it has little ability to fund relief efforts and long term reconstruction efforts on its own. Nepal needs our help. Right now in the Bungie Store, you’ll find a special edition Nepal Aid T-Shirt. For $24. 99, you’ll receive a t-shirt, a custom in-game shader, and a custom in-game emblem. 100% of the profits will be donated to recognized charities that have direct relief efforts in Nepal. We’ll be taking pre-orders of the shirt between now and Sunday, May 24th at 11:59 PM Pacific. Image Shirts will be put into production on Monday, May 25th and will begin shipping in early June. In-game items will be distributed in an upcoming feature update later this year. To claim your in-game rewards, you’ll receive one redemption code for every shirt you purchase. We’ll send it to the email address you provide in the checkout process. Our team is hammering away on creating these in-game assets. We’ll show you that shader as soon as it’s locked. The victims of this tragedy need aid now, so we’re launching this rescue mission immediately! Follow @BungieLove for regular updates on this campaign! This isn’t the first time (even in recent history) that our community has made the real world a better place. Christine also has an update on our other fundraising drives: CE: Thanks to your support in the Men In Kilts campaign, Team Bungie was able to contribute over $17, 000 in donations to Ronald McDonald House’s Seattle Chapter. The entire competition raised over $83, 000! That will provide for 2, 767 nights for families to stay close to their children while the receive treatment for what ails them. Incredible! A special shout out to all of you who donated: Debra Stroehlein; Patrick Smith; Justin Huffman; Lisa Wright; Sophiea Tyler; Billy Hopkins; John-Paul Ballou; Brian Flieg; Michael Moran; Jorge Aponte; Lewis Moody; Paul Hoffmann; Carol Hartman; Melvin Scott; Donald Poche; Adam Stegner; Timothy Wynne; Ace Pratt; Benet Garcia; Brenda Jackson; Clydia Valibeigi; Lindsay Ruiz; Michael Thompson; Barbara Humphrey; Colleen Kigin; Eileen Quenin; Walter Weatherholtz; Andrew Cilento; William Kennedy; Cristian Martinez; Jacob Naegeli; John Guida; Simon O'Leary; Jason McMahon; Douglas Pak; Ryan Pearson; Michael Pryor; Brian Carpenter; Chad Green; Fel Michael Sarno; Fabio Deglinnocenti; Michael Connolly; Jake Giustiniani; Kiel Hawkins; Ethan Hixson; Steven Ferguson; Jacob Maguigad; Jim Hayes; Jacob Taylor; Matthew Churchman; Patrick Dooley; John McElroy; Jonathan Vasquez; Mark Crider; Steve McMaster; Marvin Kuan; Michael Gracie; Brian Wagus; Gary Rektor; Sean Greene; Lance Soales; Randy Ruiz; Timothy Rivers; Skye Knighton; Darrell Bruce; Mike Reimer; Eric Boschert; Jonathan McDonald; Kelly Draughon; Jason Fortunato; Eduardo Olmedo; David Stewart; Christopher Alejo; Sean Naubert;Mat Noguchi; Devin Jenkins; Christine Ohman; Carlos Pimentel; Michael Moutray; Abigail Rogers; Jason Lewis; James Hickey; Benjamin Bretzik; Chia Ma Sing; Theodore Denti; Julian DiAntonio; Chris Stacy; Ryan Pifer; Daniel Bordelon; Christopher Holloway; Peter Eckstein; Jaime Cruz-Morales; Andy Stokes; Irving Alvarez; Mark Flieg; Victor Andrews; Donald Stevens; Robert Ramirez; Manuka Petera; Charles Chester; Chris Poon; Mitchell Rudisel; Rebecca Emery; Brian V. DiRubbio; Warren Wang; Rebecca Emery; Dakota Holder; Sadee Soderlind; Coleman Millar; Mark Wheeler; Michael Moran; Damon Poulin If you donated $50 or more, keep your eyes peeled for an email from us regarding how to get your mitts on your prizes! As a reminder, The Gauntlet Tabletop Tournament is raising funds until May 16th for Hopelink. Your generosity has already empowered Team Bungie to raise over $35, 000. Those donations will provide nearly 12, 000 meals to families in our local community. If you’d still like to donate, head to our team page to make a contribution. [Prizes]9) will be distributed the week after the event ends. Let’s Go Dutch At Bungie, we’ll search far and wide for the very best talent to make the games you play. Sometimes, that means bringing a talented guy like Concept Art Lead Jesse Van Dijk over from The Netherlands. Recently, some of his countrymen paid a visit to see how he’s been adjusting to life at Bungie. Image If you speak Dutch, it’s worth a listen. If you just want to meet the guy who has created some of the finest art to shape the world of Destiny, and hear him tell the tale of his migration in his native tongue, check it out. Jesse show’s up about six minutes in. Some words from the man himself: JVD: Het was erg tof om Valerio en BNN op bezoek te hebben bij Bungie. Wel zeer vreemd om Nederlands te praten achter de schermen bij het devteam van Destiny! ” Translation: It was cool to have Valerio and BNN visit Bungie. Very odd to speak Dutch behind the scenes of the Destiny dev team though! We’re glad you made the trek, Jesse. Looking forward to seeing what comes from your desk next. The True Meaning of Help What's Up Doc When you’re hungry for Iron Banner action, you talk to Lord Saladin. When you need #Help playing Destiny, you talk to Destiny Player Support. This is what they want you to know this week. This week, Iron Banner is live. We have already seen a few questions arise in our #Help forums that we would like to answer for this special event. Due to a navigation bug with accessing Iron Banner from the Crucible menu this week, the only way to access Iron Banner will be to select it from the Featured Activities panel on the main Director interface. You will not be able to select Iron Banner from your Crucible menu. Additionally, if you have confirmed you are in an Iron Banner match and did not receive reputation, you may have earned a Medallion instead. More information can be found on our article detailing Iron Banner reputation. Players have reported that some weapons do not count towards their Iron Banner “Focused Aggression” bounty. Please note that certain Exotic Primaries are still categorized as a Special weapon and will not count for the bounty requirements. And as always, Lord Saladin is in the Tower ready to reforge your weapon perks. To learn about the Iron Banner reforge system please take a look at our Reforge FAQ. They don’t hang out in the Tower. You’ll find them right here on Is that seat taken? Movie Of The Week There’s a wealth of new Destiny content on the YouTubes this week. Beyond the chorus of analysis devoted to Trials of Osiris, there are Guardians who just playing games, and having fun, and committing their finest moments to video. Then, there’s this guy… WINNER: For startling humility. Nothing awesome happens in that montage - not to the filmmaker at least. That’s the whole point. You have to love a good sport. We’ll see if each of you can keep such high spirits in the Trials. That’s all for this week. We’re having a great time inviting you live to visit the House of Wolves. See you soon. In prison! DeeJ, out.

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